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A great little game. It was a good demo, can't wait for the full game.

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Great game I hope a full version come soon. I want to play so bad!! Also I love the music is it original?

Loved the game, i really hope you guys decide to finish the game! The further i wen the more into the game I got. 

I really liked this game not only because of its design but by how fun it actually is! Cant wait till a full game is made! 

I like the unique aesthetics, it has that kind-of retro look, but also very unique green-based colour palette. But it has nice mechanics and more content to it than many modern-style horror games, given it's demo status. I like the music too, and it's also one very different design decision for a horror game.

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Hey, I played your game for my latest Horror Games video. Although it was short I really enjoyed the game, especially that hella tight soundtrack! Cheers!

As short as the demo was, I enjoyed looking at the 3D pixellated style graphics. I'm excited to see where this goes!

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Really cool game, The torch thing reminded me of that level on Rugrats on PS1 :D   Mega Nostalgia! Really liked it , let my know when you release the full game 

What a game!

The graphics are smooth as hell and an absolute pleasure to look at, good eye feel. I loved this game so much I played it again straight after, somehow you've managed to harness the powers of addiction and inject them into your virtual baby.

I seriously CAN NOT wait for the full release.

The music was SO GOOD. I was definitely surprised! I actually forgot this was inspired by gameboy graphics, and made a comment that it felt like I was playing on my old gameboy... xD Very well done!

This was a neat little preview! I absolutely loved the soundtrack and the whole aesthetic of the game was super nostalgic and retro. The animation was well done and the game ran super smoothly. Literally the only negative thing that I could find about this game was the length. I really hope you are able to continue work on this project in the future. Thanks so much for making this!

I thought it was a cool idea with a lot of potential. Have criticisms but I understand that this is in development.


Preview Looks really good man, it was short but fun to play.

Made a video

J'ai adoré le visuel et l'ambiance rétro! Un super mélange entre horreur et FPS :) 

cool game i .support you ;)

That was cool :p

Really liked the design and the old school shading. The combat mechanic reminded me of Alan Wake, and the sound was pretty decent. Looking forward to a full release.

Gameplay of 11:59 starts at 11:03.

Gave it a go...

Really awesome concepts and gameplay mechanics! Loved the music and the art style too, looking forward to anything else by you! 

Played through this on my channel! 

I really liked this game and how you made it fun.

Interesting game, unique in a way.

Neat game. It was a little strange how it started off as a horror game and then went into a sort of action fps. While i'm fine with  that, it doesn't sit well with me with the graphic style. 

Still a cool game though, good job.

Thanks for the video. We are still working on this game so the demo does have some really weird bugs and stuff that doesn't make sense. :) Thank you for playing!